Foosball Tournament April 7th

On April 7th Triple R Taproom is starting it’s first Foosball Tournaments, in what surely will be many to come in the future! The games will start at 5 PM, and will be a singles only with a $5 entry fee. The prize pool will go directly to the players split as such:

First place gets 70%, second place 20%, third place 10%. Triple R will be doing a raffle during the day with loads of prizes all night long.

To register for the event come down to our Taproom located at 916 NE 64th St, Seattle, WA 98115 between now and the tournament date.

There is only thirty spots open

Set ruleset No spins, all goals are worth one point(even goalie shots). To count as a point it has to go down the goal not bounce out of the net. All matches are double elimation and ten minute timed.

Wish everyone good luck that enters!